The site passed its HTML5 validation test.

We are now HTML5 complaint so what that basically means is we have passed the W3C validation test for HTML5 and now no matter what device you browse our website with, it will look good for that device and browser and also now not require a redirect to a mobile URL for tablets and smart phones such as pointing to a, instead every type of device can see the home page that way it was intended to be seen on that device at one single URL ( our home page). And also no need to adjust for your screen size for the navigation bar as its a one size fits all navigation bar, along with a ton other awesome geek features we love here about the HTML5 codie, but in the end its all really about our users and for them to more easily enjoy our content.

The congrats message from W3C
If you would like to create a link to this page (i.e., this validation result) to make it easier to revalidate this page in the future or to allow others to validate your page, the URI is <> (or you can just add the current page to your bookmarks or hotlist).

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  1. I had no idea what so ever what HTML5 was or does and am blown away that there is a thing called the Validator to check to make sure you have coded it correctly. I guess congrats is in order for the programmer. I did a little test via my mobile and desktop and found it to work and look awesome on both.

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