Some new chat options coming and ideas wanted

We love new ideas and listening to our visitors when it comes to our website. We are in the process of adding a couple of new features around here but wanted to hear from you all about what you wanted to see here on top of what we have coming. So by all means let us know in the comments below. Now as far as what we have coming or in store for you, well its real simple, more cam models! Well lots of cam models actually, as in over ten thousand new cam models for you to choose from via our platform and that is just that start as all new features are being added on how you can interact with our models as well, such as virtual reality and via telephone.

We all also be updating our chat room to a newer sleeker room but do not worry all our information will be the same so no need to re register or worry about losing any of your profile information in fact you will be able to add more profile info to your profile once the update is complete at the end of this month. We are super excited to be bringing you some of the World best online sex chat entertainment possible and cant wait for these updates to be rolled out.